CHICKEN CURRY! APPROX 350 CALORIES per serving (makes about 6 servings)
*can easily be made vegetarian*

I made dinner for a bunch of friends the other night - a giant pot of chicken curry! It was only the mild yellow kind, but it was SO GOOD. i’m a huge fan of golden curry cubes and i highly recommend you go pick some up for a fast meal! and this of course can be made vegetarian very easily - in fact, I made a separate batch with tofu for my vegetarian friend :)

4 chicken breasts
almost a whole (small) bag of baby carrots (20-30 ?)
3 celery stalks, chopped
2 potatoes, chopped
1 onion, chopped
garlic salt, pepper
3-4 Golden Mild Curry blocks
Brown Rice (as much as you need…i recommend a 1/2 cup cooked for each serving)

1. Cook the meat and add onions halfway through. cook until meat is essentially done and onions are soft
2. while meat is cooking, boil all the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, celery) in a large pot with seasonings (NOT curry blocks).
3. once vegetables are basically soft (carrots are the true test - they take the longest to cook!), add the meat and onions to the mix. pour out *some* water but leave enough to make the curry sauce (you can always add more water if your curry is too thick)
4. once everything is cooked fully and part of water is removed, add 1 curry block at a time, letting it melt completely. I start with two and then work my way up. the amount of blocks you use depends on how strong you like your curry and how much veggies you have. i like my curry to be between watery and thick - but i know some people that like their curry sauce to be fairly runny. depends on your taste!
5. put over rice and enjoy :)