BAKEDĀ  cornflake chicken strips & french fries!
approx 212 cals for 1 serving chicken strips; makes 4 servings (original here)
approx 85 cals for 1 serving (1/2 potato) fries; makes 8 servings

I’ve been having HARDCORE chicken strips cravings….so here was my solution! granted, you can’t have too many of these bad boys (I only had two), but still, it satisfied the craving! as for fries, I had less than a serving but really you could get away with eating a whole potato’s worth of fries for under 200 cal. The dip you see in the picture is yellow mustard with a tiny bit of honey mixed in. SO GOOD and WAY LESS FATTENING than ranch dressing.

again, recipe for chicken strips is here

4 yellow potatoes
2 tbsp vegetable oil
garlic salt
black pepper
italian seasonings
1. slice potatoes into shoestring cuts
2. put into a bowl and mix vegetable oil in so they are thoroughly covered
3. sprinkle seasonings over and mix again thoroughly
4. grease a cookie sheet, put the potatoes on evenly and bake at about 450 until cooked all the way through.

:) yeah!