23 4 / 2012


Kingdoms rage … and we are called

Kingdoms rage;
empires tremble;
cities totter.
You speak assurance;
You designate human agents;
You say, “This is my beloved son”;
You say, “This is my anointed.”
Right in the middle of chaos,
you designate human agents who do your will.
And we are not sure:
We would rather it were you,
straight on and visible.
But you stay hidden in your holy spendor,
and we are left with human agents
about whom we are never sure.
So we name Jesus, “son of David”;
so human and frail, even if kicked upstairs;
so vulnerable, even if transformed in song and creed.
And then, in a flash, it may dawn on us:
You call and designate people like us, your agents.
Kingdoms we rage … and we are called.
Empires tremble … and we are designated.
Cities totter … and we are summoned …
like the first David, like the second David …
us, vulnerable, frail, anxious, your people.
And we are dazzled. Amen.


Walter Brueggemann

19 11 / 2011

my stop-motion film “Pass it On” for the film festival called Exposure at my college. it won “Best Christian Message” :)

08 8 / 2011



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14 6 / 2011

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Romans 8:28

13 3 / 2011

Christian concerts have powerpoints of the lyrics.