about to DO SOME WORK

about to DO SOME WORK

bleh :(

glad i had the day off. not feeling very good tonight, so for dinner i gave husband my share of oven-baked chicken and i just ate asparagus and sweet potato. i didn’t even want that…..bleh.

gonna drink some tea and chug some cranberry juice (yay bladder health!) and hope i feel better.

on the bright side, i ran 2 miles today on the treadmill and swam for about 15 minutes as a workout. today is supposed to be a rest day (i’m doing jamie easons livefit), and although i DID rest yesterday like i was supposed to (there’s no way i could have worked out anyways, i was SO sore) i could not bring myself to do nothing today. so cardio it was! i feel really good about that, and am excited to go to the gym tomorrow for some more cardio (again a rest day but i just wont do weights).

i will start posting recipes again after things settle down - they still havent!